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Industrial equipment





CMP, Italy - for more than 35 years CMP has been realizing inspection machines for the Pharmaceutical and Veterinarian Industry and way back in 1982 introduced the first completely automatic laser ray phial inspecting machine ( EEC patent no. 84.200090.3) . During the last years, thanks to its continuous evolution, it has introduced new high power LED lighting systems and digital telecamera vision systems. Our machines have been designed to be reliable, sturdy and easy to use. The management software (in the Windows environment) complies with the CFR21 part.11 regulation.




Fuchs Maschinen AG, Germany - design, manufacturing, sales and export of machines for material processing, especially bulk material, in the following industrial fields : food, plastics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, metallurgy and agriculture. Most of the FUCHS Maschinen AG products are developed for specific projects. Whenever possible standard parts, available on the European market, are used. Others are designed on a 3-D-CAD system and then manufactured by specialised factories and workshops. The final assembly of these machine parts to finished products carried out in the FUCHS workshop. This company philosophy constitutes the foundation of the company’s flexibility and its ability to deliver high quality products within a short period of time.








Kwang Dah, Taiwan - has been dealing with production of Capsule and Pharmaceutical machine for the past more than 50 years. During the early stage, We have made hard capsule ad whole plant for hard capsule and soft gelatin capsule. In 1971, we have manufactured Semi-automatic capsule filling machine, Automatic capsule filling machine, Blister packing machine for capsule and tablet, Counting machine liquid filler cartoner for capsule and tablet, High speed automatic strip packing machine for capsule and tablet...etc. And, we have the ability to develop new products that will meet your specific needs. In fact, we are specialist and experience for production of capsules and capsule's series of machine, which is seldom seen in the world. For now, our main products are Pharmaceutical & Packaging Machine. our products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Lain America. The quality have been tested accepted in sophisticated Europe and USA market.



Timatic, Great Britain - company manufactures special equipment for natural processing and herb extracting. Provides all necessary equipment and accessories for extraction production, all technologies is advances and highly effected. All equipment can be suitable for pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic production.




TianFeng , China - has made elaborate designs and products, on the basis of absorbing features and advantages of similar products both at home and combing with national GMP standard.


HuanYu , Китай - находится на границе мегаполиса Zhangjiang, недалеко от городов Shanghai на востоке, Nanjiang на западе, Suxhou Wuxi на юге, и моста на западе через реку Jiangyin Yangtse, протекающую с севера на юг. Благодаря скоростному водному транспорту через реку Jiangyin Yangtse и магистрали №204 , проложенной на мосту, Zhangjiang хорошо обеспечен водными и наземными путями сообщения, которые дают ему серьезные географические и экономические преимущества.


, China - is engaged in high speed labeling machine, sleeve machine and filling machine’s development, manufacturing and sales. We resolve to provide the system solution of packing for the customers; we range Top 2 in the local market currently. The company established own technique support center in the domestic, and develop new products which meet GMP request according to the ages and customers' need.